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Y/PROJECT, Spring/Summer 2017



ליסה בק, Flare and Repeat, מיצב מ-2012

נסתרות הן


Deborah Turbeville, The Private Apartment of Madame du Barry, Versailles, France, 1980


שנה: 1957, מעצב: סול (פריקינ׳) בס

בדידים ביחד

Seven Magic Moutains, Ugo Rondinone, Nevada

Seven Magic Moutains, Ugo Rondinone, Nevada 2016

חזרה בשאלה

There are people who are looking for a source of perfection, looking to perfect an image, who work to perfect the photograph. I just happen to be the extreme opposite; for me, images have become way too sharp and way too clear; they’ve lost a sense of depth of field. I think the image itself becomes a way to provide an answer, to tell you what to buy. The images have become tangible—in the sense that the image is saturated by product, so it’s saturated by a message, an answer. In reality, though, I don’t believe that anything is fully tangible, or can be captured in that way, converted into a simple answer.