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comment on dit ‘prodigieux’ ?

John Galliano returns, in a stupendous coat, to his childhood neighbourhood in east London and takes the bus

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newspaper père

[Arena Homme+, Fall/Winter 2017] This editorial is brilliant, its title is even more brilliant, seeing Maurizio Cattelan reading a torn newspaper is brilliant, Haley Baldwin’s boredom is brilliant and Stevie Dance living in Paris is brilliant.

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a love letter to Alexander Fury, or: the future of fashion, a treatment

About a month ago Alexander Fury, one of the important voices in the fashion media today – one might even dare to argue, the most important of them all – penned a succinct manifesto regarding the Future of Fashion. Yes, with double capital F’s. This is really and truly an event, first and foremost because each […]

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non mais

I mean. [Something Wild, 1986]

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unisex soderbergh

Sex, Lies and Videotape, 1989

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le pain, surtout le pain

Vogue Paris, February 1990, Photography: Santo D’Orazio

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