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dasha nekrasova, le servan, 75011

OK, so I think we’re starting, that’s good. Well, hello, Dasha, thank you very much for joining me here today. If it’s OK with you, I’ll just have one sentence about the place and time we’re in. Sure. So, we’re sitting in Paris, the 11th arrondissement, in a place called Le Servan. People left, they’re […]

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la gloire de l’europe

Our Lady Zurich, photographed by Lukass Wassman. Interview magazine, September 2019

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whit stillman, le peloton, 75003

I think we’re good. Let me me know if I need to talk louder. I think we’re good. You don’t want to check, so that you know how it sounds? If it’s okay I’d rather converse. Yeah. Yes. If it’s fine with you. Nothing’s fine with me. Have you seen Damsels in Distress? [Laughs] I […]

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