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monsieur S.

This is a short text about a beautiful failure. It also serves as an intro for the sound file below. Whit Stillman, one of my favourite artists in the world, has agreed to be interviewed for the first recording of my podcast – a podcast which, in a way, I’ve created mostly in order to have […]

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mon tiff

Peter Lindbergh, Vogue September 1989, via Christopher Barnard

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les épaules exceptionnels de ‘boomerang’

Boomerang, 1992. Costume designer: Francine Jamison-Tanchuck

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comment on dit ‘prodigieux’ ?

John Galliano returns, in a stupendous coat, to his childhood neighbourhood in east London and takes the bus

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newspaper père

[Arena Homme+, Fall/Winter 2017] This editorial is brilliant, its title is even more brilliant, seeing Maurizio Cattelan reading a torn newspaper is brilliant, Haley Baldwin’s boredom is brilliant and Stevie Dance living in Paris is brilliant.

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a love letter to Alexander Fury, or: the future of fashion, a treatment

About a month ago Alexander Fury, one of the important voices in the fashion media today – one might even dare to argue, the most important of them all – penned a succinct manifesto regarding the Future of Fashion. Yes, with double capital F’s. This is really and truly an event, first and foremost because each […]

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